We are working to ensure access to high-quality, affordable early care and learning for every Vermont child through three initiatives:

Vermont Birth to Five
Building a Movement
Vermont Birth to Five

This initiative delivers professional mentoring and extensive support to home-based child care providers, who supply a high percentage of the daily care for Vermont’s very young children and are vital supporters for our state’s families. Science tells us the experiences of the first three years create either a sturdy or a fragile architecture for all the development and behavior that follows. By creating and replicating high-quality programs for very young children, we can help avoid problems in early-childhood development and generate lifelong positive outcomes. Learn more about Vermont Birth to Five.

Let's Grow Kids logoLet’s Grow Kids
Building Lasting Systems

A statewide public education campaign, Let’s Grow Kids aims to raise understanding of the importance of the earliest years in the lives of Vermont’s children and then translate that awareness into action on behalf of Vermont’s children. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to increase public and private investments in high quality, affordable childcare in Vermont. Learn more about Let’s Grow Kids.

Innovative Community Strategies Incubator
Piloting Innovations

Researching and developing new strategies for positive impact, including health care/child care integration, shared business services, new media and technology, empowering women in the workforce, and research and analysis. Learn more about the Innovative Community Strategies Incubator.

These initiatives work collectively to create a flexible system that will be self-sustaining by 2025.