Permanent Fund for Vermont

Stave Island retreat, 2015: Board, staff and friends

From left to right, back line:
Debbie Rooney, Vermont Community Foundation; Steve Terry, Worth Mountain Consulting; Jim Lefevre, Lefevre Associates; Tom MacLeay, chairman of the Board of National Life Group; Lisa Ventriss, Vermont Business Roundtable; Breena Holmes, Director of Maternal and Child Health; Tom Johnson, Johnson Family Foundation; Barbara Postman, Permanent Fund Special Projects; Becky Gonyea, Director of Vermont Birth to Five; Curtland Fields, Executive Director of the Turrell Fund; Aly Richards, CEO of the Permanent Fund; Adam Necrason, Necrason Group.
Front line:
Kim Keiser, State Director of the Turrell Fund; Robyn Freedner-Maguire, Director of Let’s Grow Kids; Eddie Gale, State Director of the A.D. Henderson Foundation; Mark Sustic, educator-musician-consultant; Cheryl Mitchell, creator of the Addison County Parent/Child Center; Rick Davis, President of the Board, Permanent Fund;Jennifer Williams, Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley;Rebecca Copans, Deputy Director of the Permanent Fund.

Board of Directors

Rick Davis, President and Founder

Rick Davis

  • President and Co-Founder
  • President, The Davis Company
Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

  • Vice President
  • President, The Johnson Family Foundation, Pittsburgh.
  • Board Member, Bethany College, Green Mountain College, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, International Film Seminars and Vermont Public Radio
Tom MacLeay

Tom MacLeay

  • Treasurer
  • Board Chair and former CEO, National Life Group.
  • Board Chair of the Sentinel Group Funds, Inc.
  • Board Member of Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company
  • Advisory Board Member of Peoples United Bank, Vermont Division
Felipe Rivera

Felipe Rivera

  • Secretary
  • Chief of Staff and Vice President for Strategy and Communications, Vermont Community Foundation
Jennifer Archibald Williams

Jennifer Archibald Williams

  • Joint Venture Partner, Norwich Partners
  • Executive Director, The Children’s Fund of the Upper Valley
Cornelius Con Hogan

Cornelius ‘Con’ Hogan

  • Consultant to states and nations regarding the well-being of children.
  • Former Secretary, Vermont Agency of Human Services
  • Chair of Trustees, Vermont College of Fine Arts; author
Breena Holmes

Breena Holmes M.D.

  • Vermont Department of Health, director of the Maternal and Child Health Division
  • University of Vermont College of Medicine, Clinical Associate Professor, Pediatrics
  • Council on School Health for the American Academy of Pediatrics, chair elect
Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

  • Research professor, University of Vermont.
  • Former Deputy Secretary, Vermont Agency of Human Services.
  • Co-creator of the Addison County Parent/Child Center, Vermont Parent/Child Center Network, Addison County Community Trust and Vermont Children’s Forum
Buzz Schmidt

Buzz Schmidt

  • President/Owner, Building Wherewithal, LLC
  • Founder, GuideStar USA, UK and International
  • Board Chair of the FB Heron Foundation and GuideStar International

Emeritus Members

David Rahr

  • Founding President Emeritus, The Vermont Community Foundation.
  • Consultant and community volunteer.

Carl Ferenbach

  • Co-Founder and Emeritus Member of the Board
  • Chairman and Co-founder of High Meadows Foundation and High Meadows Fund
  • Trustee, Princeton University; Chairman, Environmental Defense Fund