About Us, Permanent Fund

About Us

Founded in 2000 by two philanthropists who were seeking a proactive way to make a difference for children and families in Vermont, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children is a non-profit 501(c)3 foundation and a supporting organization with the Vermont Community Foundation.

The Vermont Advantage

The Vermont Advantage

Vermont has a history of using its small size to great advantage, and is a leader in making a commitment to its youngest children. We can make a durable, high-quality child care network serve as a powerful lever of change and help realize dramatic improvements in outcomes for all children.

Why Childcare

Why Child Care

The Permanent Fund focuses its efforts on building high quality into Vermont’s child care settings because this is where most of our children spend much of their time, and where their parents or guardians come twice each day with a sense of trust.


The mission of the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children is to “Ensure that every Vermont child has access to high quality and affordable early care and education by 2025.”

quote Having been a kid who learned differently, I know how vital it is that children have adults in their lives who are determined to help them succeed. The Permanent Fund is bringing those adults together, creating public, private and nonprofit partnerships to promote the best development and the most promising futures for all of Vermont’s children.

— The Honorable Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont